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Celebrate yourself and see what happens.

Let’s cut right to the chase, over time we’ve all become experts at beating ourselves up.

Stop comparing yourself to others and come regain that feeling of self love and self appreciation. Treat yourself to an affirming and confidence-building intimate photography session at Elm City Boudoir, New Haven’s premier Boudoir photographer!

Boudoir photo sessions are all the rage, and quite rightly so. Where else can you go get all dolled up, slip out of your everyday life into some ultra-sexy lingerie and heels, and be a super sexy vixen for a day? Come join us here at Elm City Boudoir in New Haven for a day you’ll never forget! By the way, your significant other won’t forget this day, either!


Let go of that stress of trying to be who society expects you to be. Isn’t it more fun to just be who you really are? And when you have the opportunity to get all glam and sexy, who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want to feel desirable? Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re worth it? I know I do, and I want to extend that feeling to you.


Woman lying on a table silhouetted against the light, photographed during a Boudie Call by Stuart McConaghy of Elm City Boudoir in New Haven, CT

Here at Elm City Boudoir, we have dedicated our craft to empowering women, men and couples, and showing them how beautiful and desirable their bodies are, at all stages in life. Discover something about yourself that can shape how you view yourself from here on out.


Join us for a tailor-made Boudoir experience unlike any other. We offer intimate and sensual Boudoir photo sessions for women, men, couples, poly groups of all kinds, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We are a safe space for anyone exploring, be it exploring their own physical identity, an awakening kink, or just rediscovering their true sensual self, all are welcome.


It all begins with filling out the form below. We schedule a quick, 10-minute phone call to go over your boundaries and desires, and work together to create a space where we feel secure enough to let our guards down, open our minds and bodies to a new experience, and enjoy the intimacy to its fullest.

Fall back in love with yourself. You’re worth it, and you deserve it.



Boudoir is so much more than just sexy, sensual portraits.

It’s so much more than shedding clothes.

It’s shedding inhibitions.

It’s breaking down barriers.

It’s leaving the world behind for an unforgettable experience.

It’s about empowering and liberating women.

It’s about coming out of our closets and accepting who we are.

Its about finally standing up and having the courage to say I Love Myself!

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Tattooed woman on a bed with her hips raised, photographed by Stuart McConaghy of Elm City Boudoir, CT boudoir photography in New Haven, CT

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