Redhaired woman in a red bra lying on her back on a bed, photographed by Stuart McConaghy of Elm City Boudoir Photography

Women Are Tough As Bricks

Women are tough as bricks. They endure

Clients sit in the hair/makeup chair, hands nervously clasped in their lap, and they tell me stories of what they have endured. These stories never cease to take my breath away:

-Women who are taking care of their parents/siblings

-Women who have had their faces surgically reconstructed after suffering debilitating disease

-Women who have been laid off and are desperately searching for a job that they want, not that they have to settle for

-Women who have given everything to someone who cheated or lied or treated them like shit

-Women who are raising their children by themselves

-Women whose boyfriend, husband, best friend, mom, dad, or child has died and they are swimming in a gut-wrenching pool of grief that threatens to swallow them whole

-Women who are lonely

-Women who are dead broke and the future is uncertain

-Women who are drowning in guilt, shame, sadness

-Women who just want to feel normal. Who have to physically will themselves from their beds. Who battle depression every minute of the day

-Women who are sick. Some who are actively dying and facing leaving young children behind

and women, who on paper haven’t endured anything too traumatic, but who grapple daily with just feeling worthy, loved, wanted…..’enough.’

You Aren’t Alone

Women are tough as bricks. You all get up every single day, pick up and carry things that feel far too heavy. You persevere. You find a way–sometimes when the entire deck is stacked against you.

And you? You aren’t alone. Even when you feel so far away from anyone who could possibly understand…you are surrounded by other brick-tough women who are also in the depths of their own valleys, forging ahead.

If you are in a season of “enduring” right now, I want you to know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be–not a minute too late or early. You have everything you need to achieve anything you’ve ever wanted.

You are smarter, stronger, and more resilient than any other species on the planet. The minute you figure that out, you are gonna run the whole damn thing anyways. 


Stuart is the owner and photographer behind Elm City Boudoir. He is an experienced boudoir, erotica and fashion photographer residing in New Haven, Connecticut. He enjoys most things chocolate-y and mint-y, often at the same time, and is coming to terms with a recently acquired addiction to shooting video.

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