Japanese woman in black lingerie lying on her back with one arm behind her head and the other on her hip. Photographed by Stuart McConaghy of Elm City Boudoir in New Haven, CT

So Why Did I Change My Name? The Answer May (Or May Not) Surprise You!

So, you might have noticed that I have changed my business name. I used to go by my own name, Stuart McConaghy, but I began to realize that, while people like to deal with businesses that put their real names out there, I was actually putting a humongous obstacle in my way. Reason?

No One Can Actually Spell My Name. Seriously.

I’ve seen all sorts of different spellings of my name. From employers, authorities, heck, even family members. Stuart becomes Stewart, McConaghy becomes all sorts of nonsense, and I realized that very few people can actually find me by my name!

So, a solution was needed. Something that was catchy, easy to spell, and easy to find. Being that I’m based in New Haven, the Elm City, the name choice was clear. Elm City Boudoir. That puts me in good company, a lot of great New Haven businesses use the Elm City moniker, like Elm City Social, one of my favorite bars in town!

As of August 2022, I am officially doing business under the name Elm City Social, and I have a lot of surprised in store!

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